Towards the end of my college career at Hampton University, I knew very little about what I wanted to do. My degree had been in Public Relations, but I knew I didn't want to "Olivia Pope" my way through life.  Per cliched advice I took time to really consider what I was passionate about -- what were the things that always made me tick from a young age and although each passion came at different phases in my life -- when I truly thought about them they were obvious: writing, the state of the black community, and sex. For years after that I wasn't sure how to tell my family that this was what I wanted to do, so I decided to just show them. Upon moving to New York my first internship was with YourTango -- a sex, dating, and love site. They gave me my foot in the door and really helped me hone in on my passion in many different ways. 

After leaving YourTango, I switched to a parenting site where I wasn't really getting my fix of sex, dating, and love content -- not in the authentic way that I so desperately craved. So, the millennial in me took charge of my destiny and decided to create room for my passion in my life on a daily basis -- for a lifetime. That way no matter where I am in life -- I'm loving it and being true to myself. 

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