Cuddling with Chakrubs (a Crystal Dildo) Changed Me -- for the Better

Nearly two months ago I sat in my bed, face full of tears asking myself to step back and dig deep -- dig deep into what it was that I was doing wrong when it came to my relationships. Because while this guy had cheated and that guy had just been completely "not shit" -- I had to admit that there was a reason I continued to attract these men.

After weeks of seeing various people using their crystals, I had nothing much to lose and a couple dollars to spare. So I began doing the research on the healing power of crystals, went into a local shop in the city, and made my first crystal purchase. 

Initially when I began the journey, I constantly wondered if and when I'd know that the crystals were working. I soon learned that this journey would be faith based. The impact of the crystal would happen, but I wouldn't be able to see it just feel it's magic working. Fast forward to now and those crystals have become permanent fixtures to my hand -- I carry them with me everywhere. 

But, it wasn't long after that I was able to get my hands on my first ever dildo -- a Chakrub -- I had spent weeks infatuated by the stories of intimacy brought on by this 100 percent crystal dildo. While initially set on the "The Original Heart" made of Rose Quartz, I wound up with the Rabbit Jade (made of White Jasper) and in doing so I learned that sometimes you don't choose it, but the crystal chooses you. The Jade seemed to come in my life at the right time and it was a quality I hadn't realized that I was in need of -- peace.

Still not knowing much about crystals, I took my time before diving into the masturbation. I decided to open my mind and cuddle (as others had done) with my Jade during the night and while at first it seemed weird, it was also somehow comforting. It was the intimacy I had so badly been craving, the intimacy that no other toy has been able to provide me. An intimacy that closely mirrors that of actually having another beings body heat laying next to you. 

It offered me a quiet mind and the best sleep that I'd had in almost a year. Sure, it could be chalked up to many other things -- perhaps even a placebo effect of sorts. But if it is and I don't think it is, I certainly wouldn't be complaining about a state of delusion that brings me peace every. Single. Night. It further comforted me that Chakrubs owner, Vanessa Cuccia put this theory in perspective for me with some thought provoking words of wisdom. 

Whether you’re drawn to a crystal because of it’s energy or it’s beauty doesn’t matter. If it’s for reasons other than that which you deem “authentic” doesn’t matter. You are whole — your shallow reasoning, your spiritual reasoning — it’s all part of you. Whichever part feels drawn to a crystal is desiring that crystal and there’s no need to worry about whether or not it’s a placebo. Go with what you feel, and on some level, you are getting what you need.

Finally, after weeks of just cuddling I finally dared to look for pleasure in my Chakrub and with the help of a little lube the experience was every bit as magical as the crystal itself. The white, hard phallic crystal warmed to match my rising body heat. My masturbation experience was transformed, it was no longer just me scratching an itch for sex but me filling my body with all of it's desires -- from a good orgasm to a feeling of completeness that I secretly yearned for.

While I still use my battery operated toys because they meet different needs for me, it goes without saying that my Jade has changed my solo sex experience for the better and there's simply no unknowing that feeling. 

That said, there may be some of you curious about exploring the power of crystals yourself and while I'm still new to this game and can't really get in depth with helpful info -- I was able to get a few more bits of advice from Cuccia that will help guide you in your early journey.

1. Comprehension is Key.

If you're anything like me then taking in all the information about Crystals may prove to be a bit overwhelming and even confusing, but Vanessa recommends Judy Hall as "a great place to start" given the comprehensive nature of her literature pertaining to crystals and their chakra correlation.

2. Choosing Crystals

Of course, it may seem fairly simple to choose a crystal and it is in the end, but reading all the sources out there may leave you feeling a little uncertain. Cuccia suggests that you "Go for a mix of higher reasoning and intuitive guidance." However,  with Chakrubs she points out that you should  "start with what you want on a physical level. " She adds, "Do you want something more generous in size, more of a tickle, do you want a curve, etc? [After deciding] then look at the Chakrubs with what's available in the shape that you want, and read the descriptions of the crystal. Allow your intuition to speak to you about what crystal to go with, and you have your answer."

3. Cleanliness is Next to Goddessness

The one bit of advice that will be consistent around the board is the cleansing of your crystal, you see without cleansing it you won't be able to cleanse you. They crystal retains all the energy that it comes into contact with, so you must clean and occasionally recharge to get the full benefit of it. This is no different when it comes to your Chakrub, Cuccia insists that you "Charge them in the moonlight, the sunlight" while you can "cleanse them in the smoke of sage, cleanse them with visualization, or sound."