How I Vibe? The We-Vibe Tango Mini Vibrator & Here's Why

Whether you're having sex with yourself or someone else, it's important to know yourself. And if you don't -- well -- make time to get to know yourself. Personally, I know when I'm on a solo mission to get off, I'm most certainly a lazy lover. This orgasm is my metaphorical glass of milk on a sleepless night and I want nothing more than to finish it so I can catch some sweet dreams -- that's just a personal preference.

Sure, there are times when I like to really set the mood with a little music or porn, but it's not necessary when you're not doing things manually. That said, my favorite toy to vibe with for the past year has been the Tango by We-Vibe -- which has an astounding amount of stamina. Unlike many other vibrators I've found that my Tango's overall battery long-term lifespan seems endless. Even as the battery is getting ready to end die, it still packs a powerful punch. After over a year of having it, I have yet to feel like the speed is coming to a screeching halt slowly but surely; something that has happened in the past. (Or perhaps it's merely my vagina's high standards and ever-lasting disappointment.) That said, the battery does give it rather quickly; I get about 3 lives before it dies but the punch it packs is well worth the wait. But seriously, once I hook it up to my computer for a charge -- it's better than new. 

If you're a fan of bullets, this toy is for YOU. Pinky promise. Even if you're not a speed demon this is an amazing beginner toy. It has a slanted head that makes finding your clitoris feel like less of a game of pin the tail on donkey, but the flat surface allows for pleasure everywhere. But furthermore, the Tango's got the size of a bullet with the power of a rabbit -- giving you eight speeds to choose from. 

While this is advertised as a sex toy for singles, the great benefit of its compact size (and travel companion potential) is it's ability to spice up positions with your partner -- my favorite being doggy style. It's guaranteed cloud nine for those who are comfortable incorporating toys with their partners.

Although this toy is water proof, I've been too afraid to test that feature. The last time I accidentally washed a vibrator (that clearly wasn't waterproof) and nearly lost my damn mind. Years later, filled with trauma, and I just don't think my single-soul could handle that right now.

What I will say is this: with anything in life -- if it's too easy, it can become a little boring. So, I try to switch out toys and use some other products for variety. No less, this little baby sleeps under my pillow at all times -- for, ya know? Easy access. That said, I stand by this product 100 percent.

Although I'm in no way being compensated for writing this review, I must say girl you better go and get you one.



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